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Workplace Noise Assessment

At Healthy Environments, we provide comprehensive noise surveys and testing, and recommendations around engineering controls, hearing protection selection and on-going monitoring requirements.

The approved code of practice for management of noise in the workplace was released by the Occupational Safety and Health Service, Department of Labour in 2002. The code of practice applies to all types of work and all workplaces in accordance with the HSE Act where there is a potential for exposure to noise that can contribute to hearing loss. Employers are required to identify and assess exposure to noise and control health and safety risks arising from hazardous noise in the workplace in accordance with the code of practice.

Our Services

Healthy Environments workplace noise surveys are designed to identify all significant noise sources and workers likely to be exposed to noise above specified levels (noise exposure standards). This requires a walkthrough or baseline noise survey with spot noise measurements to compile a noise map. Personal noise dosimetry is then used for the evaluation of worker average noise exposure over the work shift duration (LAeq, 8h) and peak noise levels (LCpeak). Healthy Environments noise measurements are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 1269:2005, parts 1- 3). Type 1 dosimeters are used for personal noise dose measurements and for static (area monitoring). A type 2 sound level meter us use for spot noise measurements when compiling a noise map in the workplace. Octave band analysis of the noise source is undertaken where the noise contains intense tonal, high frequency or low frequency components.

Obtaining information on noise sources and work practices is an important element in Workplace Noise Assessments. This information along with noise level measurements and or spectrum analysis is required to determine what controls are needed to reduce noise levels in the workplace and protect workers from hearing loss.

Healthy Environments consultants have undertaken an extensive number of noise assessments in a diverse range of workplaces throughout New Zealand.

The photographs above show fixed station background noise and suspended particulate monitoring in a warehouse and a background noise assessment in a forklift cab/weather enclosure.

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