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Healthy Environments experienced consultants undertake asbestos surveys and asbestos audits nationwide. Asbestos surveys aim at identifying asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in a building; assessing risk posed by the materials and control options available to prevent human exposure to asbestos fibres by inhalation. At Healthy Environments, our asbestos consultants also perform asbestos inspections specific to a situation or material suspected to contain asbestos and not an asbestos survey that covers the whole building. It involves a site visit, visual inspection of materials suspected to contain asbestos, on site sampling and analysis of samples by IANZ laboratory.

Two types of asbestos surveys are routinely undertaken and these are in accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s HSG264. The management asbestos survey is the standard survey required during the normal occupational and use of a building that is likely to contain asbestos to ensure identification and on-going in-situ management of the hazard. The purpose of the management asbestos survey is to locate, as far as practical, the presence and extent of asbestos containing materials in the building, to assess their condition, friability, accessibility and their potential to release airborne asbestos fibres.

The “Refurbishment or Demolition” asbestos survey seeks to identify all asbestos containing materials in a building or structure by employing fully intrusive and destruction inspection to gain access to all areas in the building envelope. These types of surveys are generally only undertaken when the building is unoccupied.

Healthy Environments asbestos consulting services include air monitoring for asbestos fibre to assist in risk assessment and evaluation of control measures associated with the asbestos hazard. Asbestos air monitoring may be undertaken for the several reasons and these are: reassurance to building occupants of there being no airborne hazard; evaluation of control measures associated with the removal of asbestos, and clearance monitoring after the asbestos removal has been completed and prior to re-occupancy. Healthy Environments also offers management of asbestos removal in a building or structure. This involves assessment of contractor work plans, their equipment and working enclosures, on-going supervision during removal work and , visual and clearance monitoring at completionof removal work.

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