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  • Air Quality and Environmental Scientists

    Healthy environments is leading specialist provider of a environmental
    and occupational hygiene testing services throughout New Zealand

    Healthy Environments occupational hygienist has well over 25 years experience in the provision of occupational hygiene services in many different types of workplaces throughout New Zealand. The experienced team at Healthy Environments are well placed to assist you with all your occupational hygiene matters.
  • Air Conditioning Ventilation

    Healthy Environments occupational hygienist has extensive experience in the assessment of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems (HVACS) in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Healthy Environments services involve inspection, measurements and laboratory testing where required.
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Healthy Environments Ltd is company specializing in air testing, air sampling , occupational health and safety and
environmental risk management.

With more than 25 years experience , healthy environments is acknowledged as a leading provider of specialist occupational hygiene sampling and testing, indoor air quality assessments, environmental assessment and monitoring.

Air Testing


Meth Lab Testing


Our Services

Healthy Environments workplace noise surveys are designed to identify all significant noise sources and workers likely to be exposed to noise above specified levels (noise exposure standards).

This requires a walkthrough or baseline noise survey with spot noise measurements to compile a noise map. Personal noise dosimetry is then used for the evaluation of worker average noise exposure over the work shift duration (LAeq, 8h) and peak noise levels (LCpeak).


Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Industrial and Commercial Buildings

Inspection of HVACs to assess installation and maintenance practices. Surface samples may be taken as required for examination by photomicroscopy and or subject to chemical and microbial analysis.

Assessment of HVAC system performance by air quality testing and airflow rate measurements.

Assessment of general ventilation, dilution ventilation and local exhaust hoods performance in industrial workplaces for contaminant control in relation to operations and processes.

Assessment of fume cupboard performance.Healthy Environments services involve inspection, measurements and laboratory testing where required.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

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