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Our Services

Healthy Environments consultants can assist companies with all environmental compliance requirements. Healthy Environments Services include the following assessment and monitoring services:

• Environmental Site Assessments

• Contaminated Soil Testing and Disposal Requirements

• Ambient air quality monitoring/testing for volatile organic compounds, dusts and bioaerosols (Fixed station air monitoring and weather station platforms). See above photographs.

• Environmental noise

• Emission to air estimates, air dispersion modelling and impact assessments

• Odour assessments and surveys

Risk Assessment and Management

Assessing the environmental safety of your home, rental property or place of work can be a lengthy and costly process. At Healthy Environments, we can assist you in all the phases of environmental risk assessment in a cost and time efficient manner. We provide a wide range of services to ensure that your environment is safe for your health and the health of others. Our professional and meticulous studies provide the necessary data for reliable risk assessment, management and to document regulatory compliance. Our services are specifically customised to meet the specific needs of your industry.

Scientific Testing Services

Environmental scientific testing should be on the top of your priority list when inhabiting a new building. Having an unknown safety status of your property can leave you with greater risk of liability should your space contain any hazardous materials. Healthy Environments can help you solve your project requirements and answer your environmental health questions with prompt service, comprehensive results and reports and a commitment to provide ongoing professional support and explanation.

Our range of services include:

• Air Testing

• Air Testing – Indoor Air Quality

• Asbestos

• Hazardous Substances

• Healthy Workplaces and Homes

• Meth Lab Testing

• Workplace Noise Assessment

• Occupational Hygiene

• Ventilation and Air Conditioning


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