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Workplace Noise Assessment – Protecting Employees from Preventable Hearing Loss

June 7th, 2017

If you have to raise your voice to be heard at a distance of one metre then it is likely that workplace noise has reached perilous levels and a workplace noise assessment should be conducted. Given noise-induced hearing loss is entirely preventable; any evidence of it in workers is intolerable, according to Dr Barry Chesson, a certified occupational hygienist with more than 40 years experience. “If there are signs of hearing loss occurring in a workplace then that means things are extremely wrong. That should never occur,” said Dr Chesson. When asked about noise evaluation processes, many other experts said the key is to always detect which particular individuals are being exposed and their personal exposure levels. Workplace noise assessors generally visit offices and factories and talk to people working out there and also have a look at the plans and designs of the units. They also identify the noisy...