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Leonard M Stratton was born and raised in Mosgiel which is a small town on the Taieri Plains 10 Kilometres South of Dunedin. In 1973 his father moved the family to Christchurch. Leonard attended Burnside High School and then continued his education at the University of Canterbury in 1977. He left university to begin employment in 1981, having obtained a BSc(Hons) degree in chemistry.

Leonard began employment in the Forest Research Institutes wood chemistry and technology group laboratory. His main work in the group was investigating changes in the physical properties and chemical composition in tall oil obtained during pulp and paper manufacturing processes. In 1986 Leonard began employment as a scientist in the Health Departments Central Regional Occupational Health and Environmental Science laboratory (National Health Institute) based in Wellington. Main duties were providing technical advice, analysis of samples obtained from occupational hygiene assessments in the workplace, and field assistance to Health Protection Officers throughout out the lower North Island in their investigation of Health and Safety hazards in both the public and private sectors.

In approximately 1989 the Department of Health transferred responsibilities for occupational health to the Department of Labour OSH group. At this time the three regional Health laboratories were transferred into DSIR Chemistry. Two years later DSIR Chemistry became the Institute of Environmental Health and Forensic Science (later shortened to ESR). Leonard was included in these transfers, continuing laboratory and technical support to the OSH Group and to private clients in the field of occupational health and environmental science.

Leonard resigned his position in the ESR Wellington laboratory in 1993 and began employment as an environmental engineer at Command Environment and Energy Services (NZ) Ltd based in Wellington. Main duties was the provision of Health and Safety consultancy services to commercial and industrial property owners, companies that design and service Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems, water storage and reticulation systems, and IQP inspections of building mechanical services in relation to the Building Act.

In late 1995, Leonard resigned his position at CEES and set-up Healthy Environments Ltd. Leonard has been continually involved in the provision of Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Science consultancy services for over 20 years to government, public and private sectors in New Zealand.