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Air Testing

Healthy Environments consultants provides specialist air testing, air sampling and air monitoring services for the assessment of recognised or unknown airborne hazards.

An air testing procedure will include a sampling step in which a representative part of the workplace air, indoor air and ambient air is correctly sampled. There is a diverse range of known airborne hazards, and so a great number of methodologies are available for sampling, each designed for particular substances or class of substances or for specific types of environment.

At Healthy Environments our air testing services utilize the latest real-time portable analysers for gases, dusts, particulates, vapours, aerosols in air as well as the traditional methodologies where contaminants are sampled onto sorbent tubes, filters, or absorbed into a designated collection liquid contained in an impinger assembly, or simply whole air sampled into a Tedlar bag. Passive air monitors using permeation – or diffusion-controlled sampling into a collector or sorbent material are utilized for vapours and gases .

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Healthy Environments has the capability to conduct air testing for dusts, chemical substances, gases, asbestos,
manmade mineral fibres, bioaerosols at multiple sites concurrently.