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Top 3 Reasons to Conduct Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment in Workplaces

June 22nd, 2017

Hazardous substances in workplaces can be a reason for different health problems. These substances can also cause serious diseases like dermatitis, cancer or asthma. Before discussing what risks hazardous substances involved, we need to know what hazardous substances actually are. They can be of different forms that are used in many workplaces. There are many reasons that workplaces should conduct a hazardous substance risk assessment. Our body can be affected by hazardous substances in many ways. In case these substances come to our skin contact or enter into our body through inhalation, it can cause damage to our body.


Hazardous substances can affect greatly to the cleaners, welders, hairdressers, garage workers, bakery workers and healthcare staff. But in reality, there is a never ending list of people who can be affected by hazardous substances. It is highly important to conduct a hazardous substance risk assessment in your workplace.

Importance of Hazardous substance risk assessment in workplaces

  1. Financial reasons:

It is quite clear that if your workplace is safe, your employees will be safe. And if your employees are safe, the productivity of your business will be increased to a great extent. Ill-health and accidents inflict significant costs. By conducting a hazardous substance risk assessment in the workplace, employers can save the cost.

  1. Legal reasons:

A workplace needs to conduct a risk assessment not only because of financial reason but also to maintain the health and safety law in workplaces. The health and safety authority inspectors visit workplaces to investigate if the employers are maintaining safety and health inside the workplace. They also scrutinize the risk assessment, work practices and the safety statement in the workplace.

  1. Ethical reasons:

Since the employers are ethically bound to take care of their employees, they should conduct a hazardous substance risk assessment to prevent accidents and ill-health at work.

So, keep your workplace safe and secured by conducting hazardous substance risk assessment today. Make sure you have hired professionals to do the same.