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5 Elements That Disturb Your Indoor Air Quality

July 22nd, 2017

Clean air and water are two of the most important determinants of healthy living. You can survive without food for some days even without water but never without air. Impurities in air that you breathe are the cause of some serious health hazards. Asthma and allergic diseases are most common besides hay fever, headache, nausea, digestive problems, nervous system abnormalities and others. Indoor air quality testing is gaining importance with time because of recent discoveries that puts the onus of health on indoor air.


Experts have observed that polluted indoor air is more harmful than polluted outdoor air. Its impact on your health is more. Also since inhabitants are closer to suspended polluted air particles, it reaches the lungs faster and causes a harder damage than polluted outdoor air.

What Pollutes Your Indoor Air?

Your home is the safest place on Earth but unfortunately, the polluted air inside your home threatens you more than outdoor pollution. Let’s take a look at the culprits which are responsible for this menace.

    • Tobacco smoke: Your addiction to tobacco products like cigarette is one of the major sources of indoor air pollutants. It directly affects your family members.
  • Cosmetic products: Cosmetic products like hair sprays, deodorants and perfumes have high content of volatile organic compounds which contaminates your indoor air.
  • Cooking furnaces: Whether you are cooking on a liquid petroleum gas or oil or wood, it releases carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen into your indoor air. These effects from this source of indoor pollution could be averted by installing chimneys but it doesn’t guarantee your safety.
  • Lead-based paints: Your freshly colored walls could be the cause of breathing problem in your child and parents. Lead containing colors highly pollute indoor air. The strong smell is proof of presence of high levels of toxins in the color.
  • Homely equipment: Coolers, hot water tanks and kerosene heaters are common equipment in households for preventing from heat and cold. But these too pollute your indoor air. These damp materials produce biological contaminants which disturbs your indoor air.
    • These facts are disheartening and serious enough to make you worried. But it has far-reaching health consequences. So the best way to counter this health menace is

indoor air quality testing

This can help you to have an estimate of efforts that you would need to put to cleanse your indoor air and actually create a safe environment for your loved ones.